I can examine and provide a written report and valuation on any string instrument that you are thinking of buying.
The purpose being, to make sure that it is worth the asking price, and just as important, to determine if there are likely to be any underlying problems with its construction, internally or externally, in the near future.
Likewise, I can advise on purchases and facilitate the acquisition of instruments for investment reasons. Historically, the violin market is stable and not easily subjected to volatile trends unlike some antique sectors.
Furthermore, I can examine and provide a written report and valuation on any string instrument for insurance purposes which will ensure you are maintaining the correct level of cover for your instrument.
I can also give verbal valuations, free of charge, and opinions when requested.
Personally, I don’t like paying unnecessary insurance premiums ... like for kettles from Argos; however, for some things, like a car, it is statutory; and for other things, like your life, it is common sense.
Whether you actually need separate musical instrument insurance will depend upon: the cover you may already have with your current home contents and car insurance; the excess you will have to pay in the event of a claim; the value of your instrument; where you use it; and the likelihood or risk that it may get damaged or stolen.most musical instrument policies do not carry any excess.
So if you’re not sure if you should protect your instrument then you can always give me a call for an unbiased opinion.The most important thing is, if you have insurance cover ... don’t be afraid to use it.

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