Bow making and Rehair                                                                                                                    
I was taught bow making and rehairing by the Polish genius Jan Kudanowski; and like my violin making I use only the traditional handmade techniques. I use simple planes and scrapers to shape the stick by eye and then I bend the stick quite early in the process. I then continue refining the stick shape using the English wire method.
I use only the best available pernambuco wood for the stick, and because good wood can be difficult to obtain, I feel it deserves to be mounted in solid gold or silver.
Hairing and rehairing is done using the finest quality 'blue string' brand Mongolian hair, dressed here in the UK.
I make my violin, viola, cello and bass bows in varying weights to give the player some choice. At anytime you will probably be able to try out more than one bow to see which you prefer.
I can arrange a reasonable trial period with insurance cover in place. 

Jan (on the right) giving one of my bows his seal of approval

Contact Tel: 07977 263617